Two things have always fascinated me: languages and the business world. This is reflected by my private life as well as my education and professional career.
Since childhood, I have been assigned the role of mediator between two languages and cultures – German and Italian: what started as “interpreter” for family members, continued at international events during my period of military service and, later on, during my studies at the Modern Languages Department of Heidelberg University.

At the same time, I pursued my interest in the world of business and the economy.  First, I gained my A-Levels from the Secondary School for Business and Economics (“Wirtschaftsgymnasium“) where I focused on the subjects Business Administration and English. I then had a two-year vocational training in business administration, followed by my degree in language studies specialising in technical translations of business texts.

In my professional career I had the opportunity to merge and leverage this passion and competence during my 13 years as translator, editor, and communication trainer with a large and internationally renowned consulting company.

My motivation is not only nurtured by my relevant education and passion for languages, but is also driven by the opportunity to enable people and organisations to come together, communicate, and jointly develop and implement ideas.